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Embracing Slow

Just like I'm learning to embrace small, it's becoming clear that I need to embrace slow. I've fought against slow for a good 10 years, and it's gotten me nowhere. Slow doesn't hurry because I tell it to. Slow doesn't mind my groans or sighs. Slow...

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Embracing Small

Dream big. Go big or go home. Think bigger. Bigger is better. Big gets lots of glory, doesn't it? And it makes sense. Big is what catches the eye. It seems these days, things have to be big to merit shifting our dwindling attention spans, even...

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The Waves

I had a dream once that I was totally content. In my dream my house was on the ocean. I gazed out of my tall, maybe 30 foot, windows that faced the sea, and whispered peaceful thanks to God. I felt such joy and peace, and was so...

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