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When you feel incapable

I see you over there trying to keep all the balls in the air. Trying to be a great mom or dad, while keeping the house running and perhaps working too. Sometimes you forget stuff for your kids, and put your spouse last on the priority list, and you feel like...

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Take your time

Have you ever felt slow? Not dumb, just slow. You know, that constant feeling of being behind, or needing to catch up? We had Norah in 2013 and then we had Eva (17 months later), and moved 3 times (2 major) in the past 3 years. We've had a fairly calm season...

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Lift up your head

God sees you, friend. He sees every tear. He hears every (painfully) hopeful prayer. He sees every forced smile. He is aware of your broken heart. Your fear-seized heart. Your hope-fatigued heart. Lift your head up, love. He sees you, and He loves you dearly, and He is at work. He is doing something...

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It’s going to be ok

When the test results are taking a long time to come back … it’s going to be ok. When you don’t know how the money is going to come in … it’s going to be ok. When the world seems like it’s falling apart … it’s going to be ok. When you don’t...

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